the colour of harmony and peace


Australia's national gemstone


Nature's perfect gems


Imperial Opal JewelleryImperial offers a wide range of opal jewellery, available in 18K and 925 Sterling Silver mounting.
The brilliant colours and glamour radiating from Imperial opal jewellery draw all attentions wherever it goes.


Imperial Jade JewelleryAll of the jades in Imperial jade jewellery are high quality jadeites come from Burma.
Imperial jade jewellery is available in 925 Sterling Silver mounting. Lavish Burmese Jades adorn with sparkling crystals, creating a stunning visual effect.


Imperial Pearl Jewellery

Imperial Australia prides itself on offering the highest quality craftsmanship in all our Pearl jewellery. Because each Pearl is unique, Imperial Australia endeavors to complement nature with designs that best bring out the beauty of each Pearl.


Brand Introduction

Imperial is an Australian company based in Sydney. We supply high quality jade and opal jewellery to Travel Retail. Imperial has been selling on international airlines since 2015.

Our philosophy is to bring out to the unparalleled beauty of every jade and opal by harmonious combination of traditional elegance and trendy elements. We use high quality jade and opal for our jewellery. Every piece of Imperial jewellery is a superb show of craftsmanship and innovative design.